Outpatient Step-Down

Transitioning from Treatment to Recovery and Your New Life Free of Addiction

Support is Everything in Life

Successful recovery depends upon you receiving the right balance of challenge and support in your life. Too many challenges and not enough support results in your relapse back into substance abuse.

When you return home from your inpatient treatment, it’s back to the same stressors that trigger your compulsive need to use. Our outpatient treatment plan provides you with the support you need to identify and overcome those stressors.

Our outpatient program has flexible scheduling. We offer treatment sessions in the morning, evening, and weekend to accommodate your commitment to your recovery, without interrupting your life.

We believe in creating lasting relationships with all of our patients. When you’re ready to leave the inpatient care, we’ll be here for you as you transition into your new life free of substance abuse and addiction. Newly discharged patients may feel alone, but this isn’t the case with our outpatient program. Our counselors and alumni are here to help you in any way possible.

Treatment Is an Ongoing Experience

Your stay at our facility is only the beginning of your recovery. Our treatment provides the platform you need to launch your recovery. However, your continued success relies on support during the outpatient process. With help, it’s possible to overcome any challenge you face as you navigate the unknown road to recovery.

Our outpatient program offers support when you need it most. We designed our outpatient process with the goal of relieving the stressors in your life that trigger your addiction.

What You Can Expect from Your Treatment

  • Physiological and psychological medical services.
  • We refer you to the community and medical resources at your disposal.
  • We provide you with comprehensive counseling for individuals, groups, and your family.
  • We educate you with courses on substance abuse and life skills development.
  • We complete a thorough nutritional evaluation and provide you with a custom diet plan.
  • Support through twelve-step meetings.