Men Only Drug Rehab

Substance abuse and addiction can be devastating for both males and females; however, like most things, it affects each sex differently. Countless research studies have concluded that the manner in which mean use, abuse, and become addicted to drugs or alcohol is much different than the experiences of women. For example, the Gender Difference Research Findings reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse determined that more than 8% of males have used an illegal drug by the age of 12. This study also found that males were much more likely to be presented with opportunities to engage in drug or alcohol use, and that they were also more likely to use drugs more than women, overall. Other difference between male and female substance use and addiction include the following:

  • Compared to women, men are far more likely to drink excessively. Furthermore, when men consume excessive amounts of alcohol, they are more likely to engage in dangerous or illegal activities.
  • Men are more dependent on drugs than women: roughly 4% of men are substance dependent, while less than 2% of women are drug dependent.
  • More men are hospitalized than women as a result of the excessive consumption of alcohol.
  • Men are more likely to die as a result of alcohol.

The dangers of drug use by men are also astounding. Males fact multiple problems as a result of substance use, abuse, and addiction, some of which include:

  • Drug-related crimes. According to the United States Justice Department Report on Drugs and Crimes, 19% of male prisoners are convicted for drug-related crimes. This statistic does not include the number of crimes that men have committed while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, such as acts of violence, vandalism, and theft.
  • Domestic abuse. One of the largest problems that men face when they abuse substances is domestic abuse. According to Domestic Violence Statistics, a man beats a woman while under the influence of drugs or alcohol every 9 seconds in the US.
  • Accidents. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and other accidents that are linked to substance use, males are far more likely than women to cause or be involved in accidents.

Given the marked difference in the how substance use, abuse, and addiction affects men and women, it is easy to see why there is a need for men only drug rehab centers.

What is a Drug Rehab Center for Men?

Drug rehabilitation centers for men are designed to cater the unique needs that males face when they are battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol. A high-quality program should incorporate the following elements in order to provide their patients with successful results:

  • Medication-Free Tactics. Multiple research studies have indicated that men respond better to and experience better and longer lasting results when they are treated without the use of medication. Therefore, a drug rehab for men should focus on using natural tactics to help their patients cope with the effects of withdrawal that they may experience during detox.
  • Suicide Education and Prevention. A report published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration stated that suicide attempts among males who use drugs has sharply increased in recent years; by as much as 55%. A high-quality drug addiction rehabilitation program should education men about the dangers of suicide, as men may be more prone to attempt suicide as they are going through withdrawal and learning how to cope with life without the use of substances.
  • Focus on Underlying Mental Health Issues. Many men who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are also battling underlying mental health or emotional issues. These problems are the reason that they turn to substances in the first place. A treatment program for men should address co-occurring issues, including the identification of such problems, and ways to effectively handle them without drugs or alcohol.
  • Focus on Violence and Drug-Related Crimes. Since there a high percentage of men who are addicted to drugs also commit acts of violence and drug-related crimes, it is important that a drug rehab program offers strategies for handling aggression and criminal behavior while working on resolving addiction. Male addicts should be encourage to take responsibility for their past misdoings in an environment that is safe and secure, and they should be taught how to develop an improved moral code that they should aim to abide by as they approach sober living.
  • Atonement of harm caused to others. With drug abuse and addiction, man men commit misdoings, and their loved ones tend to be affected the most. A rehab program should encourage patients to attempt to repair and seek the forgiveness for the damage that they have done. For example, the rehab center may offer family counseling, which would include the addict and those they have hurt communicating with each other with a professional counselor serving as a mediator.

A well-designed rehab center for men should address the unique needs of males who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. If the program is executed properly and if the patient is fully committed to recovery, treatment can provide positive results and lifelong sobriety.

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