Luxury Drug Rehab

For most people, admitting that they are dependent or addicted to drugs is hard enough. For many, actually attending a rehab center can be even harder. Walking into a treatment center for the first time can be extremely intimidating; particularly if it is a traditional rehab that has a hospital-like environment. Leaving the comforts of home and having to move into a facility that feels cold, foreign, and just uncomfortable can be quite a nerve-racking experience.

If you or a loved one is seeking treatment and are finding the idea of taking up residence in an institution-like environment daunting, there is another option that you might want to consider: a luxury rehab center.

What is a Luxury Drug Rehab Center?

The term “luxury” calls to mind the amenities that a 5-star hotel offers. Well, that’s exactly what a luxury drug rehab center; it offers a setting that is very similar to a luxury hotel, complete with luxurious accommodations and lavish amenities. However, while they might offer a resort-like vibe, these rehab centers are focused on providing treatment and recovery for drug and alcohol addiction.

The treatment approaches that are employed at a luxury rehab center vary. They can include 12-step programs, behavioral therapy, and other traditional forms of treatment; or, they can utilize alternative approaches to treatment, such as a holistic approach. Whatever type of program a luxury rehab center offers, patients can count on two things: complete comfort and treatment for addiction.

Luxury Rehab Center: Accommodations and Amenities

Luxury drug and alcohol treatment centers are typically inpatient facilities, meaning that they are residential. Patients will reside at the facility for a predetermined amount of time; usually 30 days, but there are longer treatment options available, too. Generally, a patient will meet with a counselor to determine what length of time will work best for his or her needs. Additionally, they will discuss the needs of the individual to devise the best approach to treatment.

The accommodations offered at a luxury drug rehabilitation facility are, as you can likely imagine, quite luxurious. Typically, they include:

  • Private rooms
  • Plush bedding, complete with pillow-top or memory foam mattresses, high thread count comforters and sheets, down- or bamboo-filled pillows
  • Plush bathrobes and towels
  • State-of-the-art electronics, including flat screen, high-definition televisions, high-speed Internet connection, and so on
  • Room service
  • Balconies that offer sweeping views of mountains, beaches, or rolling valleys

These are just a sampling of what you can expect from your accommodations at this type of facility. Everything is hand-selected to offer ultimate comfort and to make the process of recovery as comfortable as possible.

Luxury Rehab Center: Amenities

Just like the accommodations, the amenities offered at a luxury drug and alcohol treatment center are extensive and first-class. These amenities might include:

  • Lavish swimming pools, complete with waterfalls, built-in lounge chairs, and infinity edges
  • Fully equipped fitness centers that offer the most advanced workout machinery
  • Full-service spas that offer a variety of services, including massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, mud baths, and more
  • Five-star cuisine prepared by world-renowned chefs, which can be enjoyed in your room, via room service, or among the company of fellow residents
  • Hot tubs and Jacuzzis
  • Saunas and steam rooms
  • Golf
  • Horseback riding
  • Tennis
  • Squash

In other words, you can expect to receive a 5-star, resort-like experience when you choose to seek treatment at a luxury rehab center.

Why Consider a Luxury Drug Rehab Center?

There are many reasons why individuals might choose to attend a luxury center for the treatment of drug or alcohol addiction. For some people, they may choose this option because it may help them overcome the stigma that is associated with treatment. For others, these centers can offer them all of the comforts that they are used to receiving on a regular basis; affluent individuals who live lavish lifestyles and do not wish to give up their creature comforts while they are seeking treatment.

Luxury rehabilitation centers offer high levels of security and anonymity. This is particularly important for celebrities, executives, and other people of power who do not want the public to find out that they are attending an addiction treatment center. Additionally, these facilities usually only accept a limited number of clients. This not only helps to improve privacy, but it ensures that patients receive one-on-one attention, as they do not have to vie with a crowd of residents.

Of course, luxury rehab centers also employ the most qualified medical professionals, addiction counselors, and therapists, too.

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