Insurance and Rehabilitation

Navigating the rehabilitation journey through your insurance company can be an overwhelming process, and for those without insurance the concept of going for treatment can seem an impossible option, but there is still help available.

For those with insurance, many insurers will cover the cost of a rehab facility including:

  •     Medicare
  •     Medicaid
  •     Private Insurance
  •     Military Insurance

What Do Plans Cover?

However, the amount of coverage differs greatly by insurance plan and company. The best way to know if you or your loved one will be insured is by contacting your provider directly. The process of looking over your insurance plan and coverage can be overwhelming during a highly stressful time. Here are just some samples of the types of questions you may need to ask before beginning treatment.

  •     Does my plan cover the phase or phases of rehabilitation you would like to enter? For example: detox, inpatient or outpatient?
  •     Do the treatment options differ if you have an HMO or a PPO plan?
  •     Is the treatment option or rehabilitation center of your choosing covered by your insurance plan and within your network? How much will the treatment center of your choice be if the program is not within your network?
  •     Will you have a copay or deductible for your treatment options?
  •     Does my policy cover any medications you or my loved one might need in aftercare?
  •     Will the rehabilitation process be covered if you or my loved one needs to go through the programs (such as detox) more than once?

By contacting your insurance provider, you can get the answers to these questions along with more information about the specifics of the coverage within your insurance plan. This can be a tedious part of rehabilitation process but will be worth the peace of mind in the end knowing that you or your loved one can focus on their road to recovery.

What if we don’t have insurance?

If you or a loved one who is suffering from addiction and do not have insurance, there is still help available. There are free programs including the AA/NA programs that are highly prevalent in most areas and offer daily meetings and sponsors for any one to join. If you or a loved one is in need of detox and inpatient treatment, there are many treatment centers that offer affordable payment plans or financial assistance in some extreme cases. This may take some extra time and research, but you can speak to one of our experts by phone to help you through this process.

Call to speak to one of our experts who can help you see if your insurance will cover the rehab for you or your loved one or if you are without insurance, to help you figure out the best treatment option for you or your loved one suffering from addiction. There is help available no matter your insurance or financial situation.