Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

If you are one of the millions of Americans who believes in Christianity, there’s no doubt that you try to uphold yourself to the principles of your religion. However, if you are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, most likely your faith has been affected like all other aspects of your life. Addiction can destroy your belief in and love of Christ and make you feel that all faith has been lost. Once you lose your faith, you might feel empty with no purpose. You are likely to continue following the path of the destructive addiction behavior.

If you or a loved one has been compromised by addiction, a Christian drug and alcohol rehab center may be the guide to recovery that you have been seeking. This type of rehab center helps addicts reestablish their faith and restore their belief in Christ – and in themselves.

How Addiction Affects Faith

Substance abuse and addiction can wreak havoc on all aspects of life, including your faith. Researchers conducted a study that examined the effects of addiction on faith. One study, titled “A Focus-Group Study on Spirituality and Substance-Abuse Treatment,” examined the toll of addiction on Christians and their faith. Participants were asked how their addiction to drugs or alcohol affected their faith. Some admitted they attended church and prayed, despite being under the influence of a substance. Even though they were compelled to stop using, they felt powerless and sought prayer and/or church as ways to seek help. One study participant admitted going to church while high on drugs.

This study also found that many Christians felt as if they lost faith and let their addiction replace their worship of Jesus. In other words, instead of God being the most important part of their lives, drugs or alcohol were. These individuals invested their entire beings – minds, bodies, and souls – in their addictions and became completely dependent on them. Drugs gave them an odd sense of purpose.

Individuals who tried to maintain their relationship with God said they only prayed when they needed help with their addiction, when they needed to find drugs, or when they had a run-in with the police. Still other participants attempted to justify their addictions as being moral, despite feeling ashamed and guilty about them. The shame and guilt made them feel weaker, which led them to rely on substances to ease their feelings and make them feel better.  For some Christians, rage and resentment toward Christ is what fueled their addictions Even though they felt let down by their God, they still believed in him.

Many people involved in this study still believed that spirituality offered them a sense of hope, and as such, deemed their faith as a healthy way to seek sobriety and recovery. Their beliefs in their savior were still intact, with hope that God was trying to present himself or herself so they could achieve sobriety. Sadly, the life-altering complications caused by drug and alcohol abuse made it hard for them to focus on their Christian beliefs and gain control of their addictions.

The Benefits of Christian Drug Rehab

Faith in a higher power has been used as the foundation of many different rehabilitation programs. It has been determined that faith is a very powerful recovery tool. Faith helps individuals find themselves, and offers a way for addicts to understand and identify with something far bigger than themselves. Christian rehab centers focus on using faith as a way to achieve sobriety.

The benefits of Christian drug rehab include:

  • Providing addicts with something they can believe in that is bigger than they are
  • Establishing  a community comprised of like-minded individuals
  • Fostering inspiration and hope
  • Ridding the mind of worry
  • Opening  up the heart and soul to the incredible power associated with self-healing
  • Allowing people to open up about prayer and other aspects of spirituality

Several research studies have been conducted to examine the effects that prayer has on healing. These studies have confirmed that prayer can have a positive effect on sobriety.

Is Christian Drug Rehab the Right Choice?

If you are a member of the Christian faith, you may believe that God can guide you through recovery, and that he can help you stay on the path of sobriety. A Christian-based drug rehab program might be the right option for you. Make sure you fully research the rehab facility that you are considering to ensure that you agree with the programs and that you can find success.

Finding a Christian Drug Rehab

Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers are growing in popularity. Many addicts have found that the guiding principles of these rehab centers and their faith can help to guide them to sobriety. With so many centers, it should not be difficult to locate a Christian-based drug rehab center. You can also connect with, our rehab referral company to refer you to the best Christian drug rehab center in your area.