The Admissions Process

Everything You Need to Know About Your Recovery Starts Here

We realize that getting started is the hardest part of any treatment and recovery plan. Our best intentions face resistance when it’s time to take action. Do what you know is right – you’ve come this far and are now moments away from reclaiming your life. Seize the moment, and take a leap of faith.

Reach Out, and We’ll Be Waiting for You

Our team of talented treatment professionals is ready at any time you decide to enter recovery. Our counselors take you by the hand and walk you through every step in the treatment program.

We understand that you’re in need of help and we aim to make the process as easy and smooth as possible. At this stage, it’s vital that you don’t experience any additional stress, and our experienced counselors provide you with what you need to get started on your road to recovery.


The first step in the process of admission to a treatment program starts with an informal interview. We want to get to know your unique set of circumstances and provide you with a treatment solution that meets your specific needs.

Our counselors lay down everything you need to know in a format that’s easy to understand. By the time you hang up the phone, you’ll have an excellent understanding of the admissions process including the guidelines, services, and fees involved.

Treatment Requirements

If you’re ready to find help and commit to a treatment program, voluntary admission is all that you need to get started. All candidates must be over 18-years of age and have photo ID. If you have an opiate or opioid addiction, entry into a methadone treatment program require at least a year of dependency on these substances.

Medical Assessment

After our counselors determine the best treatment strategy for your situation, you’ll visit a medical professional for an assessment. Our medical team takes urine samples and your blood work to understand your current state of physical health. Pregnant individuals receive top-quality pre-natal care and extensive follow-up on the status of their health and that of their unborn child.

Preparation for Recovery

If you or a loved one needs assistance with drug or alcohol addiction, a residential rehab center might be the best option for you. Offering a variety of treatment options, round-the-clock care, and the resources that those who suffer from addiction disorder, inpatient rehab has the potential to offer excellent results.